1. Reborn

From the recording The Final Exodus


Verse 1:
Somewhere within the sea, there’s a pearl that calls to me
And I’ve gotta find it
Some say it’s make-believe, but I know what’s reality cuz
I’ve broken through all the illusions
Fought through confusion
I know who I am now, so I’ll sing this song
Of the 13th Aeon

I died and came back to life
Found the Light in the darkest of times
Cleansed by fire, given sight
From The Most High

Died and came back to life
This world is ending, but I’m still alive
Cleansed by fire, given sight
From The Most High
The Mysteries of Light

Verse 2:
I had to descend before I could ascend
And I’m thankful for all the demons in the end cuz it
Taught me to love and to look up above
And it woke me from sleep so I could find my way to the Tree of Life
If you eat from the Tree of Knowledge be prepared to fight through the darkness

The first are the last and the last are the first
Goin’ back to the garden I lived in before
Some serpents are good, they’re just misunderstood
Way up in the trees
Oh I just want peace, oh please

Copyright Alisha Peru 2013