1. Stay

From the recording Searching In The Darkness

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Verse 1:
Please stay
For a while babe
And sit with me 'cause
When you're gone it's hard
To breathe

Verse 2:
Words are words
But that is all they can't explain
Why people fall

Chorus 2:
Fall in love
It's not gravity
I guess some things were always meant to be
Like you and me

Verse 3:
We were etched in the stars
That seemed oh so far until
You came and lit up the sky

Chorus 1:
Please just stay
Please just stay
Stay a while and sit with me 'cause
When you're gone it's hard

If life's a song then you're the rhyme
You make me feel as if I'm fallin' in time
All I know is when I'm with you I'm free
And every time I catch you lookin' at me
I wanna say...

Verse 3:
Please just say
Please just say
What you've always wanted to 'cause
Without you I'm nothing (x2)

Copyright Alisha Peru 2010