From the recording Searching In The Darkness

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Searching In The Darkness

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Verse 1:

It's pitch black and I'm so confused

No matter what I do, I always feel used

Just walkin' along; Don't know where I'm goin'

The worst part of all is never knowin'

Never knowin' where to look; I'm all alone
Being dragged all about like my heart's made of stone

The sand's running out; Time is ticking away

I've tried so hard to find it; What more can I say?


I call your name

All I hear is an echo

I reach out my hand

But it's always left unheld

I hear your voice

It seems so far away

When it comes to finding love

I'm searching in the darkness

Verse 2:

I'm being consumed by the feelings around me

I wanna break loose; Gotta set my soul free
All I need is a light to brighten up my path
Get rid of all my fear; Make my hope come back

I'm following my instincts, but that never seems to work

This road is never ending where us victims lurk

Blinded by the truth and what is real

My mind's on overdrive; Can't explain what I feel

Copyright Alisha Peru 2010